All sculptures are available in bronze resin, matt black resin or
painted to order.

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If you are interested in commissioning a portrait model of your
horse or pony, please phone me on 01547 529965
for more information. I much prefer to meet my equine models
'in person,' in order to gain an insight into their character and spirit.
I also need to take a series of measurements and photographs so that
I can work to scale. You will be able to view the model in its
plasticene stage and approve it before it undergoes the mould making
and casting process.

As you can imagine, modelling a likeness is a slow and painstaking process, and the first cast from the mould represents many hours of work. Accordingly a 'one-off' model, or a small edition of five or less, may seem extremely expensive! However you will have a unique and enduring memento of a treasured animal.