Jingo and the Equine Grass Sickness Fund

In 1989 I rescued 'Jingo', a forlorn cream coloured yearling,
from our local horse sale in Newtown. He was my first Welsh Cob,
and he developed into a beautiful dappled palomino with presence
and character. Training and backing him was a real pleasure; he was
bright and such a friend.

In the spring of 1992, when he was rising four,
I moved him up the road to a friend's smallholding where we would
have some company when riding out. At first, all went well; we had
some wonderful rides and I was thrilled with him. But six weeks later,
on a glorious May morning, he had what I thought was impacted
colic; and 24 dreadful hours later he was put down. Acute Grass
Sickness was confirmed by post mortem.

As a result of that devastating experience, I became involved with the Equine Grass Sickness Fund, handing out their literature and selling merchandise
from my trade stands. I then decided to produce a model
to help the Fund, and on the suggestion of Joyce McIntosh, the
secretary of the EGSF, selected a Highland Pony as the subject. So many
of these beautiful ponies, from Highland Show winners to beloved
family pets, have been lost down the years to this cruellest of

June 2007 update

The Highland Pony model is now in production and selling fast!
It is limited to 50 in total, of which number 1 is being donated to the
EGSF. It is available in bronze or painted resin, with a choice of grey dun or yellow dun painted finishes. It can also be painted as a likeness of a specific pony. 20 is donated to the EGSF for each one sold.
Price - 135, or 155 if painted as a portrait.
Size 21cm by 26cm approx.

Highland yellow dun, painted resin

Highland grey dun, painted resin

Highland, bronze resin

For more information on the Fund click here.